Artist Profile

Having grown up in a small town in the panhandle of Texas, artist Laura James did not picture herself one day living by the sea. Laura now resides and works primarily in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Laura’s unique style and passion for vibrant color combine to create bold, abstract, expressionist works. Her pieces have been purchased by many corporate and private collections across the country. Her work has been featured in numerous galleries in the Tampa, FL area as well as Nashville, TN.

The fluidity and vibrant colors that are present in the majority of her works create an organic beauty. The movement in the work is representative of the never-ending movement and diversity in life. Her abstract expressionist works have the sensation of expectancy and motion.

Artist Statement

My current abstract expressionist work primarily focuses on change and diversity.

I work in acrylic and acrylic medium to create work that is appears fluid and solid simultaneously. My process creates work that appears to be in motion. Though the colors in my work overlap and blend they do not lose their individual character.  The condition changes but the essence stays constant.

My diverse color and intense palettes represent the different facets of life and experiences. I believe it takes variety to achieve intense power and beauty.

My work is an expression of my passion for movement and the changing nature of things.  I bring life to the things that lift my soul.  That is also the reaction I am trying to evoke from people who see and own my work.  The world can be too serious and dark without the intentional addition of good and joyful things.

Many people who see my work ask me the same question, “What is your inspiration?” I am inspired to create my pieces by so many things: nature, the psychology of color, and the organic movement of fluids.The story I am telling is through the act of expression itself; the end product is icing on the cake.

Seeing someone really connect to a piece on a personal level is magnificent to me.  Telling people the story of each piece from my perspective is interesting and exciting but it doesn’t compare to talking with someone about their experience with the piece.

I have always been passionate for expressive, free abstracts with intense colors and a somewhat dreamy quality. I am also showing a collection of Florals  in which I try to constantly convey the gratitude I have for the subject or feeling I am trying to express.

I hope you enjoy your visit here.  Please contact me for more information or feel free to leave a comment.

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